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Accident of Life

There's something to be said
To stare at an intimate object...
And think about what it means
Until nothing makes sense;

You know I thought of this life in so many ways?
Felt I could achieve anything in my youth 
When the world seemed so little ... 
But it pulls you in, dissolves all matter 
Within its loss love, there are no "real" connections 
And now I can't see any of the things I saw. 
Nothing ever as significant. 

But to them, all being is ignored. 
To me all silence in life, is thereafter. 
Don't awaken my ghost. 
Don't wait for my soul to re-enter. 
I may never return home. 

May never return to your laughter. 
Something bright when all seems dark. 

I'll just stay beside you, 
When all the rain in the world
Couldn't make you up... 
Dry away the tears I am numb to 
And fear the rest may overcome. 

If all this gift is, has no promise; 

Than my farewell remains an accident. 
A accident of life. 
And if my will, would refrain from desperate behavior 
Maybe some strength would open the door? 

Something innocent still remains here, beautiful... 
Something lost among your heart's hall beats for my endeavor 
And yet our ropes end remains tied. 

You know I thought of this life in so many ways. 

Alec Wildey - May 13, 2011
From my Book "Seen Through Different Eyes"

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