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Of Novembre Days

Life is much too short to not notice when something’s beautiful
It may be standing right in front of us….
It may never be what we expected
But to be alive is all the passion spent
It’s all the ideas we make into something decent…
And I shouldn’t fear enough to show that I really care

But as long as we’re still here
I’m afraid we’re always going to feel the same…

Until the love in your eyes meets mine with a smile
Until we belong to this dream
And the stars in the sky shine through the deepest parts in space
Until our nostalgia grows old enough to hold back the tears
Every time we dwell on the past…

Until we’re old enough to know that nothing can compare
To how we view each others eyes
Differently each and every day.

The lights convey the shadows of the trees
The tress convey my love for words;

Like pages we float
Like paper we burn…
But the memory of us never goes away.

The memory of our dust still scatters in the wind
Long before our thoughts could ever be replaced.

The moon is full, our hearts complete.

Alec Wildey – Nov. 11th, 2010
Lunar Heart © 2010


  1. Not a metal song...but an alternative number. happened to bump into your this blog while hearing i just thought the video would really go with your and words often fill in the missing blanks..P.S---loved your blog..

  2. It feels great to know that you're inspired.....This poem could remind me of old movies from 30's.Keep on writing Alec!

  3. thoughts, ideas, words and there are so many tools when it comes to speak about writing process....the highest from all is EMOTION!

  4. thank you so much... old movies are so relaxing and nostalgic to watch, they will always be the best <3

    Groovy Bohemian, I was unable to view your link... sorry for late response but thanks for reading and I hope you come across my poems again...