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  • XXIV: F r a g m e n t s (part I) F r a g m e n t s - 2013 (published)
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  • X: Afterlife - 2008 (published)
  • IX: "From A Melancholy Thoughtfulness" - 2008 (published)
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"Only We Remember"

Of Nights & surrounding darkness

Your thoughts came into frame,
I never bothered to ask you…
Waiting for the silence to break away;
As crowded as it was inside my heart
And the feeling I was never good enough-

As letters spread out
The memories that had failed-
Filled space inside a card board box
Each and every word- every paragraph
As I revealed my final thoughts…

(There was a significant side of me still writing)

Tell me that it's over...
Tell me that every single poem from here and on
Is missing from a soul
Growing old in the back of your library
Like temporary thoughts…

There is no reason for your blind faith
To give a promise and keep your half.
Your weaknesses are endeavor
And I am no longer- searching for anyone that cares.

I can never look inside
To see what I have done...
I can only wish on honest words
That I have created enough;

To be what I know can bleed
To know what I feel is pain...
To share what is new in life...
To not be afraid of the light.

Take me down from your platform
Understand that the sky is real-
When people hide away from their problems
The world is not dark enough to know-
That your mistakes are any different...
But you are dark and you are cold
And everything you see is lost inside that.

There is nothing more said
To complete us...
They are more than one
Trapped inside a box of thoughts,
Only we remember...

Alec Wildey - February 2010

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