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The Final Run

I. “A Smile for the Few”

The subtle dim-
Cold reflection in my eyes

Saw no side of the mirror;
I reached down before the envy

And gave back the crowd my once empty voice…

Silence eroded the sky

As the horizon turned from blood red to gray

We, in one heartbeat felt its strength dwindle to weakness

And displace- the already fading sun.

I, in my reflection
Torn between the voice and all reason

Couldn’t decide for myself
Whether to speak or disregard the rumors

As they became known to me…

You let the curse feel wanted

Huddled in the mass of your own shadow

Your own reflection- don’t let this belong in me.
Settle down, act yourself;
An envision of the light that passes through all beings…

The candlelight flickered out

From the cold air displaced from my window

No place here holds beauty, anymore

It’s just empty space I fill with nothing.

II. Moonlighted Heart

We are heading to the end of all unsung

A page in the book blown free from its others

The sadness mirror image canceled out
From no one knowing the true affliction.

Moonlighted heart-

And rebirth for my ascending fear to rest for good.

Collapse the light you open inside-

To witness the beauty of our passing
Speak now in a room filled with others.

Our beginnings and our endings

Meet as we cross infinity

Speak no longer; and lose yourself in the final run

No need for words, no need for thoughts

Forgiveness is in will.

Reach deep inside- find the rope and climb

From our tunnel we believe only what we see.

III. “Forgiveness in Will”

Take the light

Travel to the end of the earth to pass it by

And forgive yourself, to heal and to let others die.
Forgiveness of your own and passing fears
Will dissolve like smoke,

Breathe in again like night in summer silhouette

Breathe for your ascending spirit to be lifted

Open your heart and rise-

And heal for your forgiveness.

Alec Wildey © Forgiveness in Will

July 2009

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