• XXVVIII: Romanticize the Grave (in progress)
  • XXVII: Daemons - 2013
  • XXVI: F r a g m e n t s (part III) The Written Word Is Dead - 2013 (published)
  • XXV: F r a g m e n t s (part II) For the Sense Of God - 2013 (published)
  • XXIV: F r a g m e n t s (part I) F r a g m e n t s - 2013 (published)
  • XXIII: Saints Rose - 2013 (published)
  • XXII: Soul's Haven - 2013
  • XXI: The Paradox - 2013 (published)
  • XX: ICONOGRAPHY - 2012
  • XIX: THE OLD EPITAPH - 2012 (published)
  • XVII: Seen Through Different Eyes - 2011 (published)
  • XVI: Cemetery of Garlands - 2011 (published)
  • XV: Lunar Heart - 2010 (published)
  • XIV: PAGES FROM ASHES - 2010 (published)
  • XIII: Little Rabbits - 2009 (published)
  • XI-XII: Shepherd's Gray / Forgiveness in Will - 2009 (published)
  • X: Afterlife - 2008 (published)
  • IX: "From A Melancholy Thoughtfulness" - 2008 (published)
  • VIII: Black Rain - 2007 (published)
  • VII: The Silence Within & Out - 2007
  • VI: Observation - 2006 (published)
  • V: Ethereal - 2006
  • IV: Kingdom - 2006
  • III: The Purpose - 05'-06' (published)
  • II: Follow The Art - 04'-05'
  • I: My Sense Of Compassion - 03'-04'


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We have gone so far, believing there is nothing we can do
To save ourselves
Remembering to escape, but there’s no easy way out,
To break the fall.

I think we may have reached a break in the road,
There’s no place for me to hide anymore-
No place to go;
To pretend that your not there, like it was before…
My head keeps spinning around- pounding
Reliving moments that just can’t be made undone.
I’ve tried to clear a path for you,
Make you someone…
But I can’t tell you all these things
I want to,
I need to,
Without feeling love.

I have left the books on the shelf
Not planning to read what I wrote to someone else.
I can hear my own voice repeating down the hallway-
Speaking to an impossible friend-
Echos from words left behind,
A memory of a phrase caught in the wind.

And all the while- distance comes through the wire.
So cold;
We try to makeup-
I fail to break up- myself.
To dissolve in your smile…

It’s such a cruel world to me this way
I feel I don’t have a purpose to breathe,
I feel the rain- as if it were a part of me, somehow
I try to believe- there’s hope for us,
Hope for pain- to leave for good.

And to hear your prayers.
And to see you there
With your heart this way…

No longer will the light shine for me in my secret place
Holding my head up high,
Counting the moments as they stream towards the light-
Fading away.

I can hear my own voice repeating down the hallway
Speaking to you, an impossible friend-
Echo’s from words left behind,
A memory of a phrase caught in the wind.

No matter what they are,
I’ll leave them alone for now
To feel simple again…
In a room that’s filled so hollow,
I can’t escape myself even if I tried.

You know there something’s stubborn in us- always.

Alec Wildey © 2008
part of “From A Melancholy Thoughtfulness”