• XXVVIII: Romanticize the Grave (in progress)
  • XXVII: Daemons - 2013
  • XXVI: F r a g m e n t s (part III) The Written Word Is Dead - 2013 (published)
  • XXV: F r a g m e n t s (part II) For the Sense Of God - 2013 (published)
  • XXIV: F r a g m e n t s (part I) F r a g m e n t s - 2013 (published)
  • XXIII: Saints Rose - 2013 (published)
  • XXII: Soul's Haven - 2013
  • XXI: The Paradox - 2013 (published)
  • XX: ICONOGRAPHY - 2012
  • XIX: THE OLD EPITAPH - 2012 (published)
  • XVII: Seen Through Different Eyes - 2011 (published)
  • XVI: Cemetery of Garlands - 2011 (published)
  • XV: Lunar Heart - 2010 (published)
  • XIV: PAGES FROM ASHES - 2010 (published)
  • XIII: Little Rabbits - 2009 (published)
  • XI-XII: Shepherd's Gray / Forgiveness in Will - 2009 (published)
  • X: Afterlife - 2008 (published)
  • IX: "From A Melancholy Thoughtfulness" - 2008 (published)
  • VIII: Black Rain - 2007 (published)
  • VII: The Silence Within & Out - 2007
  • VI: Observation - 2006 (published)
  • V: Ethereal - 2006
  • IV: Kingdom - 2006
  • III: The Purpose - 05'-06' (published)
  • II: Follow The Art - 04'-05'
  • I: My Sense Of Compassion - 03'-04'


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“The village of sun & shadow”

A dangers tide across the spotless mind

The fear of something as small as a fly.

I broke up the whispering,

For the haunting sound of the crickets

I brought the sun out,

To bewilder the crickets…

A flawless kind, endure the mind

In search for someone everyone’s been waiting for.

And now you shed a tear from restlessness,

The clouds that pure, leave a heavy mist

Upon the dread of life that’s left to live.

Like there’s anything better than

Building my anxieties wall,

Like there’s anything better than

Burning a memory from my soul.

The time it takes a person to change

You break….

The following of another,

Made the dirt into mud

The echo of the sound,

Made me closer, closer to her…

The return of someone everyone’s been waiting for.

The hums of haunting nature

Awaken all the people in the village of sun and shadow.

Like there’s anything better than

Being with my father,

Like there’s anything better than

Being in someone elses' shadow…

In search of someone everyone’s been waiting for.

Alec Wildey

“The Purpose” © 2005

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