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"Scratching at the Surface"

The silence without you...

We never did speak

I couldn't break what was real

You never understood what I meant.

Only in the winter could the clouds be so red

Against the blackness of night

Relentlessly holding foolish regrets.


How one can change the pace of your life,

This change consumed my will

To ever see the light…


How one can feel,

This resistance holding me back from you.

Years and years

Time past the days

Growing inside

Those impossible fears

Relentlessly scratching at the surface

Of scars that wouldn't heal.

Years and years...

I would have wished it all away.

If I would have known what was yet to come,

But instead I asked you to stay.

Voices screamed,

Though I never said a word,

The silence I held within

Kept inside from childhood.

Only in the winter could the skies be so red,

The punishing distance between me and you…

Is my final regret.

Alec Wildey - Jan 2007

The Silence Within & Out © 2007

1 comment:

  1. wow. this is definitely my favorite older piece of yours...
    the rhythm is so natural; it has such a beautiful melody to it.
    and your diction is perfect.
    this really has a musical quality to it...